Project details

Name:Conservation of Plant Animal Mutualisms in Islands - Understanding the ecology of endemic lizards (Podarcis lilfordi) as a tool to conserve an endangered plant endemism (Daphne rodriguezii)

Aims: 1. To describe the spatial dispersal patterns of D. rodriguezii by the lizzard P. lilfordii including the relationship between lizard behaviour (dispersal, home range) and seed dispersal probability, and the effect of habitat choice by the lizzard and its bearing for seedling establishment and survival. 2. To use the above information to generate management strategies for the restoration of inland populations of D. rodriguezii (from which the lizards are absent) and the re-colonisation of these areas by the lizards (e.g. eradications of exotic predators that take into account the habitat use and home range of the lizzards).