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Automatic, operational, high-resolution monitoring of fish length and catch numbers from landings using deep learning
M. Palmer, A. Álvarez-Ellacuría, V. Moltó, I.A. Catalán
FISHERIES RESEARCH , Vol. 246. Pag. 106166- (2021)
Time at risk: Individual spatial behaviour drives effectiveness of marine protected areas and fitness
David Villegas-Ríos, Joachim Claudet, Carla Freitas, Even Moland, Susanna Huneide Thorbjørnsen, Alexandre Alonso-Fernández, Esben M.Olsen
BIOLOGICAL CONSERVATION , Vol. 263. 263 Pag. 109333- (2021)
New Arrivals: the natural colonization of an island by a large vertebrate
A. Cortés-Avizanda, G. Tavecchia
Elemental composition of illicia and otoliths and their potential application to age validation in white anglerfish (Lophius piscatorius linnaeus, 1758)
D. Brophy, S. Pérez-Mayol, R. Duncan, K. Hüssy, A.J. Geffen, H.D. Gerritsen, M.C. Villanueva, B. Morales-Nin
ESTUARINE COASTAL AND SHELF SCIENCE , Vol. 261. Pag. 107557- (2021)
Mediterranean seagrasses as carbon sinks: Methodological and regional differences
A. Escolano-Moltó, S. Flecha, R. Vaquer-Sunyer, M. Wesselmann, N. Marbà, I. E. Hendriks
Biogeosciences Discussions , Vol. 1. 1 Pag. 1- (2021)
Contrasting adult body-size in sister populations of the Balearic Lizard, Podarcis lilfordi (Günther 1874) suggests anthropogenic selective pressures
A. Rotger, J.M. Igual, M. Genovart, V. Rodríguez, C. Ramon, V. Pérez-Mellado, G. Bibiloni, J. Rita, G. Tavecchia
HERPETOLOGICAL MONOGRAPHS , Vol. 35. 1 Pag. 53-64 (2021)
Demografía comparada de tres poblaciones de lagartija balear
A. Rotger, J.M. Igual, G. Tavecchia
Quercus , Vol. 427. Pag. 18- (2021)
Reproductive biology of pipefish Syngnathus typhle and S. abaster (Syngnathidae) from Western Mediterranean Sea
A. Simal Rodríguez, A. Grau, J. Castro-Fernandez, I. Castejón, J. Terrados, B. Morales-Nin, P. Arechavala-lopez
Journal of Ichthyology , Vol. 61. 4 Pag. 608-615 (2021)
Fine-Scale Ocean Currents Derived From in situ Observations in Anticipation of the Upcoming SWOT Altimetric Mission
Bàrbara Barceló-Llull, Ananda Pascual, Antonio Sánchez-Román, Eugenio Cutolo, Francesco d’Ovidio, Gina Fifani, Enrico Ser-Giacomi, Simón Ruiz, Evan Mason, Fréderic Cyr, Andrea Doglioli, Baptiste Mourre, John T. Allen, Eva Alou-Font, Benjamín Casas, Lara Díaz-Barroso, Franck Dumas, Laura Gómez-Navarro, Cristian Muñoz
Frontiers in Marine Science , Vol. 8. 679844 Pag. 1-23 (2021)
The role of competition and herbivory in biotic resistance against invaders: a synergistic effect
Jorge Santamaría, Fiona Tomas, Enric Ballesteros, Juan M. Ruiz, Jaime Bernardeau-Esteller, Jorge Terrados, Emma Cebrian
ECOLOGY , Vol. 03440. Pag. 1-13 (2021)

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