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Strong response of Antarctic picophytoplankton to experimental light and nutrient manipulation in coastal mesocoms
NSR. Agawin, S. Agustí, CM. Duarte
AQUATIC MICROBIAL ECOLOGY , Vol. 29. Pag. 161-172 (1985)
Rapid variations of mesophyll conductance in response to changes in CO2 concentration around leaves.
J. Flexas, A. Díaz-Espejo, J. Galmés, R. Kaldenhoff, H. Medrano, M. Ribas-Carbó
PLANT CELL AND ENVIRONMENT , Vol. 30. Pag. 1284-1298 (1985)
Large-scale variability in surface bacterial carbon demand and growth efficiency in the subtropical North East Atlantic Ocean.
L. Alonso-Sáez, J. Arístegui. J.M. Gasol
LIMNOLOGY AND OCEANOGRAPHY , Vol. 52. Pag. 533-546 (1985)
Abundance and distribution of dolphin-fish larvae around Balearic Islands
Alemany F., Deudero S., Prats L. Morales-Nin B
SCIENTIA MARINA , Vol. 63(3-4). Pag. - (1985)
De la ecología de poblaciones y comunidades a la de ecosistemas: avances recientes y futuros desafíos
A. Traveset, L. Santamaría, F. y Vilà. Valladares
Ecosistemas , Vol. 13. Pag. 1-9 (1985)
Fish communities associated with FADs
Deudero S., Merella P., Morales-Nin B., Massutí E., Alemany F
SCIENTIA MARINA , Vol. 63(3-4). Pag. 199-207 (1985)
Picophytoplankton cell death induced by UV radiation: Evidence for oceanic Atlantic communities
M. Llabrés, S. Agustí
LIMNOLOGY AND OCEANOGRAPHY , Vol. 51. Pag. 21-29 (1985)

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