Book chapters [273]

Duarte, C.M. 2006
Fundación BBVA, Madrid Pag. -(2007)
Can we reconstruct the 20th century sea level variability in the Mediterranean Sea on the basis of recent altimetric measurements?
Tsimplis M.N ; A.G.P.S. Shaw; A. Pascual; M. Marcos; Mira Pasaric; Luciana Fenoglio-Marc;
Springer Netherlands Pag. 307-318(2007)
Boundary layer effects on the propagation of weakly nonlinear waves
Simarro, G; Orfila, A;
World Scientific Pag. -(2007)
Evolutionary and Ecological Trees and Networks
Hernandez-Garcia, E.; Herrada, E. A., Rozenfeld, A.F.; Tessone, C.J.; Eguiluz, V.M.; Duarte, C.M.; Arnaud-Haond, S.; Serrao, E.
Pag. -(2007)
Cambio Global. ¿Qué nos depara el futuro?
Duarte, C.M. 2007.
Fundación SCH, Madrid. Pag. -(2007)
Mating systems and pollination.
Traveset, A.; Jackobsson, A.;
CRC Press Pag. 515-548(2007)
A review on the role of endozoochory on seed germination.
Traveset, A.; Roberstson, A.; Rodríguez-Pérez, J.;
CABI Publishing Pag. 78-103(2007)
Nearshore Sandbar migration
Liu, P.L.-F; Simarro, G; Orfila, A;
World Scientific Pag. 2750-2760(2006)
Seagrass beds and coastal biogeochemistry
Marbà N.; Holmer, M.; Gacia, E.; Barrón, C.
Kluwer Academic Publishers B.V. Dordrecht. Pag. 135-157(2006)
Contribución al estudio comparado de tallas mínimas de seis especies y crustáceos (Mediterráneo-Atlántico).
Muñoz, J.L.; Bruzón, M.A.; Jiménez, M.T.; Zurita, F.; García, M.; Catalán, I.A.; ALconchel, J.I.; Pérez, F.;
E. Martínez, Puerto Real Pag. 97-189(2006)
Mating systems and pollination.
Traveset, A.; Jackobsson, A.;
CRC Press Pag. 515-548(2006)
Salinibacter ruber: Genomics and biogeography
Antón, J.; Peña, A.; Valens, M.; Santos, F.; Glöckner, FO.; Bauer, M.; Dopazo, J.; Herrero, J.; Rosselló-Mora, R.; Amann, R
Springer Pag. 255-266(2006)
Assessing the risks to Mediterranean islands ecosystems from non-native plant introductions.
Hulme P.E.; Brundu, G.; Camarda, I.; Dalias, P.; Lambdon, P.; Lloret, F.; Medail, F.; Moragues, E.; Suehs, C.; Traveset, A.; Troumbis, A.; Vilà, M.;
Backhuys Publishers, Leiden. Pag. -(2006)
Dynamics of seagass stability and change
Duarte, C.M.; Fourqurean, J.W..; Krause-Jensen, D.; Olesen, B.
Springer. 1-4020-2942-x Pag. 271-294(2006)
Aspectos generales de la biodiversidad en los ecosistemas marinos y terrestres.
Jaume, D. ; C. M. Duarte;
Fundación BBVA. Bilbao Pag. 17-30(2006)
Logistic population growth and beyond: the influence of advection and nonlocal effects
Hernandez-Garcia, Emilio; Lopez, Cristobal
Springer-Verlag Pag. 117-129(2006)
A systematic numerical survey of the separability criteria for bipartite quantum systems
Nova Science Publ. Pag. -(2005)
Merging multiple satellite altimetric missions to monitor the mesoscale circulation in the Mediterranean Sea
Pascual, A; Larnicol, G; Le Traon, P-Y;
CIESM Workshop Monographs Pag. 1-132(2005)

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